Medical Service in Israel

HMOs in Israel

Health care in Israel is universal and participation in a medical insurance plan is compulsory. All Israeli citizens are entitled to basic health care as a fundamental right. Based on legislation passed in 1995, all citizens resident in the country must join one of four official health insurance funds which cover basic medical treatment, but can increase medical coverage and improve their options by purchasing private health insurance. In a survey of 48 countries in 2013, Israel's health system was ranked fourth in the world in terms of efficiency, and in 2014 it ranked seventh out of 51.
  • Maccabi - Maccabi Healthcare Services, is the second largest health maintenance organization in Israel. It was founded in 1941 by Jewish doctors who immigrated to Israel from Germany as an alternative to the health-care program of the Histadrut.

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  • Clalit
    Clalit, also Klalit is one of Israel's leading health service organizations. Widely known as Kupat Holim Clalit, it was established in 1911 as a mutual aid society.

  • Meuchedet
    Kupat Holim Meuhedet, is Israel's third largest health maintenance organization (HMO). The organization was founded in 1974 as the result of a merger of two other HMOs.

  • Leumit
    Leumit is one of the four health funds in Israel and has about 700,000 members. Leumit operates more than 300 medical centers and 100 pharmacies nationwide.