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Most-visited cities

Israel has a total of 75 cities, many of them are considered as most popular tourist destinations. Below is a list of the most visited cities in Israel.


- Jerusalem is the most-visited city with 3.5 million tourist arrivals annually. One of the oldest cities in the world, it is the capital, and largest city of Israel. It is a holy city to the three major Abrahamic religions-Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and hosts a myriad of historical, archaeological, religious and sundry other attractions.

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Tel Aviv

- With 2.7 million tourist arrivals in 2011, Tel Aviv is Israel's second-largest city, and a cosmopolitan, cultural and financial global city. Tel Aviv exhibits a Unesco world heritage area of Bauhaus architecture. In 2010, National Geographic ranked Tel Aviv as one of the world's ten best beach cities. Tel Aviv is known as the "city that never sleeps" because of its vibrant nightlife scene.

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- Safed, in Northern Israel, is one of the four holy cities in Judaism, where much of the Jerusalem Talmud was written and kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) was developed. Famous for its artisans. The grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is in nearby Meron. Visitors to Safed sense the city’s warm embrace as they wander through its alleyways past charming stone houses with their artists’ studios and workshops.

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- Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the country. The city's fascinating historical heritage, rare blend of East and West, authentic glimpses from the past, and unique mix of religious beliefs and remnants from different cultures. Acre’s colorful Oriental markets, city walls, museums, beaches and water sports facilities, Fishermen’s Port, marina, restaurants, hotels and annual picturesque festivals are just a few more of the City’s tourist attractions.
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- Israel's third largest city and northern capital is the heart of it all! Situated in a broad natural bay between the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and the awe - inspiring Carmel mountain, the city's terraced landscape offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula. The city offers a variety of activities and events for tourist all year around.

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Tiberias (Tverya) is synonymous with vacations in Israel. Here one can enjoy a variety of activities in a city that offers wonderful opportunities to mix relaxation with nature, history with contemporary attractions, beautiful beaches of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), serene quiet with active water sports and pilgrimage sites with unique tourist attractions.

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- Nazareth is known as the 'Arab capital of Israel'. Jesus's hometown and the site of many of his reported acts and miracles. Many churches, including The Church of the Annunciation, the largest Christian church building in the Middle East. In Roman Catholic tradition, it marks the site where the Archangel Gabriel announced the future birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-31). Starting point for the Jesus Trail, a network of hiking routes connecting many sites from Jesus's life and ministry.
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Beit She'an

- Beit She'an is a city in the North District of Israel which has played an important role historically due to its geographical location at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and Jezreel Valley. The area surrounding the city is profuse with springs and, consequently, there are abundant nature sites and places to tour. Beit She'an was a Roman Decapolis city. One of the largest archaeological sites in the Middle East.

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Be'er Sheva

- Be'er Sheva is a regional capital of the Negev desert. It serves as a starting point for exploring such sites as the Ramon Crater or the Unesco world heritage Nabathean Incense Route. (Shivta, Avdat, Mamshit). Many businesses, national sites, cultural events, activities and social services take place in the city. The people of Southern Israel spend their free time in Be'er Sheva's restaurants, bars, clubs and markets.

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- Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, located on the Red Sea coast, is a hot, sunny year-round travel destination. Popular destination for skin and scuba spaning, with equipment for hire on or near all major beaches. The city attracts every year thousands of tourist from all over the world. The weather in Eilat is warm all year round. The combination of a hot climate, a tropical sea and a breathtaking background of wild, bare granite mountains has turned it into a tourist gem all the year round.
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- Caesarea is a city of the past and the future, the new opposite the ancient. While new Caesarea is graced with magnificent modern homes, ancient Caesarea offers tourists the ruins of unique, impressive buildings. While golfers enjoy lush fairways, horse races are reenacted in the huge hippodrome in the national park. ancient Caesarea is bustling with tourists who come to see the wonders of the past that were built by one of the greatest builders of the ancient world - King Herod.
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