A kibbutz (plural kibbutzim, literally translated as "gathering, clustering") means a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. Today it is a modest name for something absolutely unique: a voluntary democratic community where people live and work together on a non-competitive basis. Its main goal is generating an independent society based on principles of communal ownership of property, social justice, and equality.
The first kibbutzim were organised by ideological Zionists who came to Palestine in the beginning of the 20th century. Despite the hardships they had to meet, they succeeded to create a social system and style of life which appeared to be very essential for the development of State of Israel both culturally and politically.
Today there are about 300 kibbutzim in Israel, different in size, with a total populace of around 120,000 representing about 2.8 percent of Israel's population. These days, most of the kibbutzim have branched out into industry to increase their productivity, manufacturing wide range of products, varying from electronics, furniture, plastics to farm machinery and irrigation systems.

Kibbutz volunteer

Kibbutz volunteers are mainly young people, not necessarily Jewish, coming from all over the world to Israel for a short or long-term period of time to experience taking part in the kibbutz life.
Volunteers usually arrive to Israel on a volunteer visa, and participate in all of the activities in all branches of the kibbutz (agriculture, kitchen, gardening, factory).
Volunteers get some pocket money, receive accomodation, dining, as well as social activities of the hosting kibbutz.
The experience proved that throughout the years, many kibbutz volunteers have chosen to stay in Israel after their volunteering period, either to volunteer in the IDF, or to convert to Judaism (if they are not Jewish) and remain in Israel, often staying in the kibbutz they volunteered in.

The kibbutz population accepts volunteers for a minimum period of two months and a maximum of six months. In the kibbutz, the volunteers live and breath the kibbutz atmosphere, and during their stay they benefit from many of the social and material advantages of the kibbutz. The opportunity to take part in the unique lifestyle of the kibbutz community is a contingency found no where else in the world. The kibbutz population welcomes the volunteers in their home, and invites them to experience and partake in the daily life of the extraordinary kibbutz community.

While living in the kibbutz, the volunteers are invited to take part in many of the social activities of the kibbutz. The kibbutz pub is available to the volunteers as well as the cinema showings. The gym, the tennis courts, the basket ball/ foot ball courts and the swimming pool are also open to the volunteers. In some kibbutzes, the volunteers are even invited to join the kibbutz basket ball/foot ball league team. The volunteers are invited to join the festivities in the kibbutz for occasions like Jewish Holy days, weddings and independence day' s celebrations.. Apart from this, the young people of the kibbutz do their best to make the volunteers fell welcome.

The volunteers work 8 hours a day 6 days a week. In return they are offered free accommodations in the kibbutz, 3 meals a day, free laundry service in the kibbutz's common laundry and pocket money each month. In addition to this, the kibbutz organizes tours for the volunteers


Kibbutz volunteering programs

In order to join a kibbutz as a volunteer, all you have to do is to register to the Kibbutz Program Center of The Kibbutz Movement. For US and Canada there is also an option to register through the Ameinu organization

The Kibbutz Movement

Since 1967 more than one hundred thousand kibbutz volunteers have arrived in Israel. Moreover, the number is still growing. As the volunteers contribute to the needs of the kibbutz, the kibbutz offers in return an exciting and unique working holiday experience. A holiday with the possibility to meet, live and work with both Israeli youngsters as well as with other kibbutz volunteers from countries and cultures from far and near.

???The Movement??? is the central headquarters representing all of the kibbutzim in dealing with government and regional authorities on all levels. In addition, the Movement supplies a variety of services related to different aspects of daily life, both from its main offices, through its subdivisions and administrative departments.
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In order to join the volunteer program, you need to register in advance while you are in your country

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Ameinu & The Kibbutz Program Center

The Kibbutz Program Center (KPC) is dedicated to connecting young adults across the United States and Canada with exciting and inspiring programs in Israel. As one of the premier providers of long and short term Israel experiences both on and off kibbutzim in Israel, KPC offers a wide range of options. Some experiences focus on Hebrew language while living within the unique society of kibbutz.

Ameinu The Kibbutz Program Center was created as a shared vision of the Israeli Kibbutz movement and the Jewish Agency. Today it is managed by Ameinu the leading progressive Zionist membership organization in the United States. Ameinu believes that providing a variety of programs and opportunities in Israel to young people in Canada and the United States is a crucial element of fulfilling its mission.
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In order to join the volunteer program, you need register in advance

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List of all Kibbutzim in Israel


  1. Kibbutzim in the Kibbutz Movement
  2. Kibbutzim in the Religious Kibbutz Movement
  3. Non-affiliated religious kibbutzim
  4. Privatized kibbutzim

Kibbutzim in the Kibbutz Movement

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Name Region District Year Kibbutz website
Adamit Western Galilee North 1958
Afek Western Galilee North 1939
Afik Golan Heights North 1967
Afikim Jordan Valley North 1932
Almog Dead Sea South 1977 https://??????????
Allonim Galilee North 1938
Alumot Sea of Galilee North 1936
Ami'ad Galilee North 1946
Amir Galilee North 1939
Ashdot Ya'akov Ihud Sea of Galilee North 1933
Ashdot Ya'akov Meuhad Sea of Galilee North 1924
Ayelet HaShahar Upper Galilee North 1918
Bahan Hefer Valley Center 1953
Bar'am Upper Galilee North 1949
Barkai Wadi Ara Center 1949
Be'eri Northern Negev South 1946
Beit Alfa North North 1922
Beit Guvrin Lakhish South 1949
Beit HaArava West Bank West Bank 1939
Beit HaEmek Galilee North 1949
Beit HaShita Galilee North 1928
Beit Kama Northern Negev South 1949
Beit Keshet Lower Galilee North 1944
Beit Nir Lakhish South 1955
Beit Zera Galilee North 1921
Beth-El Zikhron Ya'akov North 1970
Bror Hayil Northern Negev South 1948
Dafna Upper Galilee North 1939
Dalia Ramat Menashe North 1939
Dan Upper Galilee North 1939
Degania Alef Jordan Valley North 1910
Degania Bet Sea of Galilee North 1920
Dorot Northern Negev South 1941
Dovrat Galilee North 1948
Dvir Northern Negev South 1951
Eilon Western Galilee North 1938
Eilot Arava South 1962
Ein Carmel Coastal plain Center 1947
Ein Dor Lower Galilee North 1948
Ein Gedi Judea South 1953
Ein Gev Sea of Galilee North 1937
Ein HaHoresh Hefer Valley Center 1931
Ein HaMifratz Haifa North 1938
Ein Harod (Ihud) Jezreel Valley North 1952
Ein Harod (Meuhad) Jezreel Valley North 1952
Ein HaShlosha Western Negev South 1950
Ein HaShofet Ramat Menashe North 1937
Ein Shemer Shomron North 1927
Ein Zivan Golan Heights North 1968
Einat Central Israel Center 1925
El Rom Golan Heights North 1971
Elifaz Arava South 1982
Erez Negev South 1950
Eshbal Lower Galilee North 1998
Evron Western Galilee North 1937
Eyal Sharon Center 1949
Ga'aton Western Galilee North 1948
Ga'ash Coastal plain Center 1951
Gadot Upper Galilee North 1949
Gal On Shephelah Center 1946
Galed Menashe Heights North 1945
Gan Shmuel Coastal plain Center 1920
Gat South-central Israel South 1941
Gazit Jezreel Valley North 1948
Gesher Beit She'an Valley North 1939
Gesher HaZiv Western Galilee North 1949
Geshur Golan Heights North 1971
Geva Jezreel Valley North 1921
Gevim Negev South 1947
Gezer Shephelah Center 1945
Gilgal Jordan Valley North 1972
Ginegar Jezreel Valley North 1922
Ginosar Jordan Valley North 1937
Givat Brenner Center Center 1928
Givat Haim (Ihud) Hefer Valley Center 1953
Givat Haim (Meuhad) Hefer Valley Center 1953
Givat HaShlosha Sharon plain Center 1925
Givat Oz Megiddo North 1949
Glil Yam Sharon plain Center 1943
Gonen Upper Galilee North 1951
Grofit Arava South 1966
Gevat Jezreel Valley North 1926
Gvulot Negev South 1943
HaGoshrim Upper Galilee North 1948
Hahoterim Coastal plain Center 1952
Hamadia Beit She'an Valley North 1939
Hanaton Jezreel Valley North 1984
Hanita Western Galilee North 1938
HaOgen Sharon plain Center 1947
Harduf Jezreel Valley North 1982
Harel Jerusalem Jerusalem 1948
Hasolelim Galilee North 1949
Hatzerim Negev South 1946
Hatzor Coastal plain Center 1946
Hazorea Jezreel Valley North 1936
Heftziba Gilboa North 1922
Holit Negev South 1978
Hokuk Galilee North 1945
Horshim Sharon plain Center 1955
Hulda Shephelah Center 1930
Kabri Western Galilee North 1949
Kalia Dead Sea South 1974
Karmia Coastal plain Center 1970
Ketura Arava South 1973
Kfar Blum Upper Galilee North 1943
Kfar Giladi Upper Galilee North 1916
Kfar HaHoresh Galilee North 1933
Kfar HaMaccabi Haifa North 1936
Kfar HaNassi Upper Galilee North 1948
Kfar Haruv Golan Heights North 1973
Kfar Masaryk Western Galilee North 1933
Kfar Menahem South-central Israel South 1937
Kfar Ruppin Beit She'an Valley North 1938
Kfar Szold Upper Galilee North 1942
Kinneret Sea of Galilee North 1909
Kiryat Anavim Jerusalem Jerusalem 1920
Kissufim Negev South 1951
Kramim Negev South 1980
Lahav Negev South 1952
Lehavot HaBashan Upper Galilee North 1945
Lehavot Haviva Sharon plain Center 1949
Lohamey HaGeta'ot Western Galilee North 1949
Lotan Arava South 1983
Ma'abarot Hefer Valley Center 1925
Ma'agan Michael Coastal plain Center 1949
Ma'ale HaHamisha Jerusalem Jerusalem 1938
Ma'anit Coastal plain Center 1942
Manara Upper Galilee North 1943
Maoz Haim Lower Galilee North 1937
Mashabei Sadeh South South 1947
Matzuba Western Galilee North 1940
Ma'ayan Barukh Galilee North 1947
Ma'ayan Tzvi Coastal plain Center 1938
Magal Wadi Ara North 1953
Magen Negev South 1949
Mefalsim Negev South 1949
Megiddo Jezreel Valley North 1949
Merhavia Jezreel Valley North 1929
Mesilot Beit She'an Valley North 1938
Metzer Menashe North 1953
Mevo Hama Golan Heights North 1968
Misgav Am Upper Galilee North 1945
Migvan Negev South 1987
Mishmar HaEmek Jezreel Valley North 1922
Mishmar HaNegev Northern Negev South 1946
Mishmar HaSharon Sharon plain Center 1924
Mizra Galilee North 1923
Na'an Center Center 1930
Nahal Oz Negev South 1951
Neot Mordechai Upper Galilee North 1946
Neot Smadar Arava South 1989
Netiv HaLamed-Heh Jerusalem Jerusalem 1949
Netzer Sereni Shephelah Center 1951
Neve Eitan Beit She'an Valley North 1938
Neve Harif Arava South 1983
Neve Ilan Jerusalem Jerusalem 1946
Neve Ur Beit She'an Valley North 1948
Neve Yam Haifa North 1939
Nir Am Northern Negev South 1949
Nir David Beit She'an Valley North 1936
Nir Eliyahu Sharon plain Center 1950
Nir Oz Negev South 1955
Nir Yitzhak Negev South 1949
Nirim Northern Negev South 1946
Nitzanim Ashkelon South 1951
Or HaNer Northern Negev South 1957
Ortal Golan Heights North 1978
Palmachim Coastal plain Center 1949
Parod Upper Galilee North 1949
Pelekh Lower Galilee North 1982
Ramat David Galilee North 1926
Ramat HaKovesh Sharon plain Center 1932
Ramat HaShofet Menashe Heights North 1941
Ramat Rachel Jerusalem Jerusalem 1925
Ramat Yohanan Haifa North 1931
Ramot Menashe Carmel North 1948
Ravid Sea of Galilee North 1981
Re'im Negev South 1949
Regavim Sharon plain Center 1948
Reshafim Beit She'an Valley North 1948
Retamim Negev South 1988
Revadim Center Center 1947
Revivim Negev South 1943
Rosh HaNikra Western Galilee North 1949
Ruhama Negev South 1944
Sa'ar Western Galilee North 1948
Samar Arava South 1976
Sarid Galilee North 1926
Sasa Upper Galilee North 1949
Sde Boker Negev South 1952
Sde Nahum Beit She'an Valley North 1937
Sde Nehemia Upper Galilee North 1940
Sde Yoav South South 1956
Sdot Yam Sharon plain Center 1940
Sha'ar HaAmakim Haifa North 1935
Sha'ar HaGolan Golan Heights North 1937
Shamir Upper Galilee North 1944
Shefayim Sharon plain Center 1935
Shomrat Western Galilee North 1948
Shoval Negev South 1946
Snir Upper Galilee North 1967
Sufa Negev South 1975
Tamuz Beit Shemesh Jerusalem 1987
Tel Katzir Sea of Galilee North 1949
Tel Yitzhak Netanya Center 1938
Tel Yosef Jezreel Valley North 1921
Tlalim Negev South 1980
Tuval Galilee North 1981
Tze'elim Negev South 1947
Tzivon Galilee North 1980
Tzora Jerusalem Jerusalem 1948
Tzova Jerusalem Jerusalem 1948
Urim Negev South 1946
Usha Haifa North 1937
Yad Hannah Sharon plain Center 1950
Yad Mordechai Ashkelon South 1943
Yagur Haifa North 1922
Yahad Lower Galilee North 1992
Yahel Arava South 1976
Yasur Western Galilee North 1949
Yehiam Western Galilee North 1946
Yifat Jezreel Valley North 1954
Yiftah Upper Galilee North 1948
Yiron Galilee North 1949
Yizre'el Jezreel Valley North 1948
Yotvata Arava South 1957
Zikim Northern Negev South 1949

Kibbutzim in the Religious Kibbutz Movement

Non-affiliated religious kibbutzim

Privatized kibbutzim


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